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meet the clip links.

towards the end of last year, i found myself making chains in various forms and formations. thinking all the while how connected i am to my work. that is to say, i operate in one mode and that is “caroline mode”. i approach my job in the same fashion that i approach my every day: […]

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meet the pacem medals.

pacem is the Latin word for peace. while i don’t know much Latin, i do know a little bit about peace. i know that it’s necessary for a good night’s sleep. i know that it keeps blood-pressure down and sweaty hands dry. i know that it helps the mind think clearly and the heart beat […]

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the overlap series.

we all overlap. in one way or another. sometimes it’s obvious and sometimes it isn’t. i’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. the overlapping of lives. call it the social or political climate these days or chalk it up to the very simple fact that i spend most of my days alone in my […]

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at some point one thing turns into another

it’s bound to happen, right? you have an idea and it’s great, so you start to make it a reality. but in that process you have another idea, similar but not the same. maybe even better than the first or maybe it’s just the fact that it’s slightly different that makes you wonder. or let’s […]

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two more vintage clothespin necklaces.

now i’m nostalgic. these little wooden objects tucked me into a time machine and whisked me not so far but away. i’m thinking of summer. i’m thinking of sunshine and clean sheets. i’m thinking about the real “fresh scent”, you know what i mean? i’m thinking of working hands, stiff socks, and sweet-smelling grass. i’m […]

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a new take on an original design.

my little birds on a wire drawings have been around for awhile. since the beginning, really. and i’ve yet to get sick of them, though i know a day will come when their ship will sail off into the horizon of fully fleshed-out artworks. so until that day comes, i will continue to make these […]

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the feather fletching series.

meet the feather fletching series, born of arrows and a little lack of direction. i should start off by making a confession. i began this series because i was a little lost and a lot bit stuck. that’s the honest truth. i felt like i’d hit a wall and slid right down into a heap […]

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the red petal memento collection.

i save things. and i’m almost certain you save things too. i’ll bet you’ve stashed away a few choice petals from the flowers you’ve been gifted over the years. for a job well done, a birthday, an anniversary, a thank you, or even an i’m sorry. it’s nice to keep a piece of something as […]

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revisiting the twirls.

i love these earrings. i do. so much so, that i decided to rephotograph them and post them here. my first post of the year, sadly. i know, i know, i’ve got some explaining to do. i do have some good reasons for the delay– but those reasons will be explained and explored later. for […]

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the asymmetrical V necklace.

this necklace design came to me one day and i’m not exactly sure how or why. i don’t remember what i was thinking about, i don’t remember what i was looking at, and i certainly don’t remember what i was dreaming of. i just know that creating this angled piece was happening and it was […]

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