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my own horizon.

i’ve been wanting to make this version of my birds in flight series for a while now. a landscape format featuring a single bird flying into the horizon…or from it? the story is yours for the making. sterling silver. available here.

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the spotted leaf necklace.

i pick up all kinds of things when i’m out on my strolls. most of the time they’re pretty ordinary objects: feathers, insect wings, tree bark, a rusted nail (i saved a tire!), and the occasional decaying leaf. i bring them home, show my husband (he laughs) and then carefully arrange the object in my […]

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layer cake: vintage brass pressing and leather necklace.

just feast your eyes on this layered diamond of royal hues! somehow this necklace manages to make a statement (as it is rather large) while maintaining an effortless appeal. it’s both modern and vintage. boldly feminine and unapologetic. i’ll take two. beware: this piece carries a rich weight. but it provides so many tactile features […]

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the guides are back.

more guides for the guiding. all one of a kind and all available in the shop. happy tuesday!

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crossed arrows necklace.

directions have never been my forte. i have no sense for it, really. that thing in your ear that keeps you standing upright and not vertigo-ed out of your mind—the vestibular system, apparently—yeah, i have that. but not the direction-sensing part. when i was learning to drive my dad always emphasized the importance of going […]

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vintage clothespin necklace.

simple objects are my simple pleasures. it turns out that the smallest clothespin i have ever seen was designed with a purpose. and i don’t just mean to hang laundry. it was meant for a specific type of clothing. more specifically, lingerie. i was told that women would pack these little guys up for their […]

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circles and shell necklace, version two.

a curious combination of shapes. one hand forged silver strap rivets this vintage mother of pearl button to one circling silver ring, a small silver dome nestles in the hollow of the button meant for stitches, joined by an oxidized sterling silver chain fully equipped with a handmade S-hook clasp and silver disc with my […]

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making good use of time.

sometimes the plumber has to pay a visit. sometimes leaks happen in that weird crawl space in the basement and i can’t fix it with the tool kit my dad gave me one christmas when i was in college (didn’t understand at the time what it was for– now, of course, i do). so the […]

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long brass U bone necklace.

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a smaller version of the U bone necklace.

i can’t stop making this necklace– or wearing it for that matter! this little guy is a much smaller, more delicate version of the previously posted necklace. minimal in design, maximal in spirit! available in the shop.

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