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black art deco triangle necklace.

this piece is all about the clean lines of art deco design. handmade. sterling silver, 1920’s czech glass, 14kt gold filled chain. in the shop.

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razzle dazzle.

if a sparkling, shimmering, shiny thing could ever be subtle and understated, this would be it. it’s a classic beauty, like upswept hair in a neat bun, or the night sky with all that science lying just beneath the names of the things we know. it’s the stuff behind those ordinary bits that make them […]

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the blue secret necklace.

one of my favorite things in life are secrets…the good kind. for some reason i have a hard time leaving the back of some of my pieces blank. i stare and stare at it trying hard to accept the fact that it’s bare. but all i can see is the story that i’ve already created […]

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