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at some point one thing turns into another

it’s bound to happen, right? you have an idea and it’s great, so you start to make it a reality. but in that process you have another idea, similar but not the same. maybe even better than the first or maybe it’s just the fact that it’s slightly different that makes you wonder. or let’s […]

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custom baptism locket.

i was recently asked by my little sister to make something special for the baptism of our cousin’s newborn son, George. and since my sister loves this little boy as if he were her own (and happens to be his godmother), she wanted to give him something from the heart. something that contained a message […]

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guide necklace: three for good company.

a triad of saints travel together. saint christopher (patron saint of travelers) starts off your journey on the left side, attached to a brass strap and silver ring, he leads you across one of my hand forged, brass “bone” bars towards saint ann (patron saint of mothers) who then links you down the darkened silver […]

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guide necklace: take flight and make amends.

3 sliding plaques joined together by one silver rivet. sterling silver, copper, vintage Mary medal. one of a kind. available in the shop.

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swallow mobile earrings.

swallows are flying birds. they were meant for the skies—always moving, rarely still. there’s a space they fill and flourish in, a frenzy of flapping and flipping and darting and diving. they’re like balls of colorful energy that make the air move and warp and then turn into mere shadows of their shape just a […]

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