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meet the clip links.

towards the end of last year, i found myself making chains in various forms and formations. thinking all the while how connected i am to my work. that is to say, i operate in one mode and that is “caroline mode”. i approach my job in the same fashion that i approach my every day: […]

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the blue points necklace.

and here i am, in the new year, slowly emerging from my well-crafted hibernation mode. i’ve totally neglected this fine method of communication for far too long, but that’s how i roll i guess. i’m here one minute, gone for the next hundred. well, rest assured that i have been busy, making all the things […]

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turning new corners.

i’ve been holding onto these old framing corners for some time now. recently, i pulled them out of a makeshift wooden tool box that i converted into a sorting station of random odds and ends, vowing to give them new life. i’m turning this corner and making it new. each corner somehow looked different than […]

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give it your best.

i can’t help but smile every time i look at this necklace. i’ve had it laid out on a little, wooden, checkered table that has become a holding area of sorts for some of my finished pieces—work that i’m not yet ready to bundle up and set aside while they await their future homes. these […]

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reinvented part two.

another reinvented necklace to hang over your heart and sing to your soul. one of a kind. oxidized sterling silver, raw brass, vintage religious medal, shed deer antler. available here.

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the galaxy ring is back.

i haven’t had my fill of this ring so i thought i would make it again. sterling silver, raw brass, 70 year old bakelite. available here.

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triad necklace: light as a feather.

this piece is part of a new series designed around 3 points or connections. i’ve always loved the number 3 so i thought it was high time i create a line dedicated to this number. stay tuned for more versions of this concept. available here.

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flying seagull and window frame necklace.

based on an old wooden seagull sign that i found at my favorite flea market. this sterling silver hand cut replica is free moving within the hand fabricated raw brass frame (also free moving on the oxidized sterling silver chain). playing with shapes and illusions just never gets old. available here.

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