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the barely there feather ring.

this is my first hand-carved piece. it’s a whisper of a feather, an imprint, fossilized and preserved. i imagined that this tiny tuft drifted downwards, gliding on the waves of wind only to land simply and softly on this pool of red. the way the light plays with the color and relief of the carving […]

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a portrait of three.

a portrait of three: cut through and riveted to a backing plaque for a landscape view. a quiet presence of striking simplicity. they are of tripps and triplets and threes and thirds. my favorite number. this ring can only bring good things. sterling silver. handmade from start to finish. one of a kind. size 7.25 […]

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black art deco triangle necklace.

this piece is all about the clean lines of art deco design. handmade. sterling silver, 1920’s czech glass, 14kt gold filled chain. in the shop.

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the guides are back.

more guides for the guiding. all one of a kind and all available in the shop. happy tuesday!

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crossed arrows necklace.

directions have never been my forte. i have no sense for it, really. that thing in your ear that keeps you standing upright and not vertigo-ed out of your mind—the vestibular system, apparently—yeah, i have that. but not the direction-sensing part. when i was learning to drive my dad always emphasized the importance of going […]

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vintage clothespin necklace.

simple objects are my simple pleasures. it turns out that the smallest clothespin i have ever seen was designed with a purpose. and i don’t just mean to hang laundry. it was meant for a specific type of clothing. more specifically, lingerie. i was told that women would pack these little guys up for their […]

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flock ring.

i saw a flock of six flying high and mighty, wishing they would cling to the skies forever. they were a bingo cage of activity: a cluster of flutter until one flew loose and left them with five. then four. then three. then two… six hand-pierced birds in flight left their mark on a hollow […]

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circles and shell necklace, version two.

a curious combination of shapes. one hand forged silver strap rivets this vintage mother of pearl button to one circling silver ring, a small silver dome nestles in the hollow of the button meant for stitches, joined by an oxidized sterling silver chain fully equipped with a handmade S-hook clasp and silver disc with my […]

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making good use of time.

sometimes the plumber has to pay a visit. sometimes leaks happen in that weird crawl space in the basement and i can’t fix it with the tool kit my dad gave me one christmas when i was in college (didn’t understand at the time what it was for– now, of course, i do). so the […]

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light as a feather: golden leaf necklace.

a simple, long necklace. casual, comfortable and eye-catching. one vintage light-as-a-feather golden leaf is wire wrapped with sterling silver to a delicate vintage raw brass chain, linked together by the itty-bittiest silver ring. wear this alone or paired with other pieces. this guy wont disappoint. 34″ in length. limited edition. available here.

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