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meet the clip links.

towards the end of last year, i found myself making chains in various forms and formations. thinking all the while how connected i am to my work. that is to say, i operate in one mode and that is “caroline mode”. i approach my job in the same fashion that i approach my every day: […]

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it’s brilliant outside.

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the world of transition.

this is what life looked like outside of my studio doors a few weeks back. needless to say it kept me distracted. but now i’m back and i have a few things to share with you. stay tuned for some beauties, friends.

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well, it’s a brand new year. a fresh start, a clean slate. for this i am grateful for january. i try to remind myself every time i start to loathe the cold and bleak days that take over this time of year, that this is number one, the beginning, the first. take these darkened, slow […]

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a little hawthorn and a new year.

this is my new little teacup. his name is hawthorn. named after the sweetly depicted blossoms decorating this petite cup. hawthorn is a native british tree with creamy white and sometimes pink flowers eventually giving way to clusters of little round berries (good for jams and jellies and remedies alike). it is said that when […]

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the working bandit.

i wear this bandana as a protective measure against all the little dust particles that like to fly through the air and orbit my head. i’ve been wearing it a lot this holiday season as it seems there is so much work to be done! i’ve become a bandit overnight. with workaholic blood coursing through […]

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support is nice.

thanks to everyone who already does this. having support for doing what you love makes it even sweeter. and boy do i have a sweet tooth.

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lonely laundry time.

so i’m starting to miss my laundry buddy… let me first explain. earlier in the summer i noticed, as i climbed the steps up through the bulk-head doors of my 300-year-old cellar, a small little spongey friend at the very top step. it was almost as if he were waiting for me, ready to help […]

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free shipping y’all!

it actually feels like spring today. there are colors coming from the ground that aren’t grey or brown! things are starting to look alive and excited about life. and now so am i! so let’s ship off some things for free. let’s celebrate this ground life living color. the free shipping particulars are posted in […]

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