the spotted leaf necklace.


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i pick up all kinds of things when i’m out on my strolls. most of the time they’re pretty ordinary objects: feathers, insect wings, tree bark, a rusted nail (i saved a tire!), and the occasional decaying leaf. i bring them home, show my husband (he laughs) and then carefully arrange the object in my studio. whether or not i use it as direct inspiration for a project is moot. i don’t think about that. i just like to surround myself with stuff, both beautiful and ugly; i like objects that boast of a life that was lived. sometimes it’s the things on their way out that are the most interesting—the moment right before they turn to dust or hit the trash can. and sometimes they end up disintegrating on my shelf, but at least i had the satisfaction of watching it happen, like it was freeze-framed step-by-step before the end. i like to think about these things. i like to be completely conscious of singular moments. i stop the world from moving for one instant to really look at a thing before i look away, because once you do, that moment is over and the world is moving once again. a new critter is being hatched and the stranded feather is blowing away. in my mind it feels like simple honoring. i’m acknowledging something for existing, for being one piece to a whole, for having a purpose. i like to thank these objects for their service and warm in the memory of a job well done.

and so this spotted leaf i found a few months ago became an idea. the polka dotted debris transitioned into a brailled frond. i hope that this bespeckled leaf in all its immortalized bronzy glory does my freckled friend justice. a little bump and no crunch, i’d say it sways much like the original.

one forged leaf: hammered, pocked, cupped and curled. it cradles little random silver dots, each one hand-riveted to the rustic leaf form. one of my silver bone bar straps is fastened to the base of the frond by a slightly larger silver rivet, linking it to the hand-oxidized sterling silver chain.

this is a necklace made to hang low in hopes that it finds your hands long enough to stop time and remember.

sterling silver, raw brass.
a limited edition, one of a kind series.

in the shop.

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the world of transition.






this is what life looked like outside of my studio doors a few weeks back. needless to say it kept me distracted. but now i’m back and i have a few things to share with you. stay tuned for some beauties, friends.

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dot bangles: set of three.



i wear my bangles everyday. they are my tattoo, my trademark, my talismans. i wear them as reminders of friendships, of me in various stages of life, and of the highs and lows of time—some meaningful and some beautifully ordinary. i’ve treated myself to a select few, but most have been given to me by friends (both past and present), family members, teachers, and now the children of friends who want to take part in a tradition that started when i was their age. of course, those bracelets were the kind made of embroidery flosses colored by the rainbow and as garish as we could make them—only we thought them gorgeous—each one fading, then wearing away and slipping off one by one. but these metal bangles i now wear are more permanent, a concept that becomes more prevalent in the minds of adults. or should i say, impermanence? how funny is that? kids that view most things as permanent or at least declare feelings of dramatic foreverness make a thing that is meant to fall off, which then holds much more meaning: “if the bracelet falls off, then we’re gonna be friends forever.” meanwhile, we wise and all-knowing adults have a more pessimistic attitude of “nothing lasts forever” and make things with the intention of it lasting forever. but maybe we both just get it half right—it’s the idea behind the object that makes it so magical, and if our intention is to make something built to last then we can feel solid about the effort. well, in any case, i proudly wear these ghosts of time, friendships and memories and i don’t ever want them to fall off.


i love each and every one. i love the way they clink together and clamber for space. i love the metallic jingle-jangle music they make, never letting me (or anyone i’m near) forget their presence. for though they are smooth rings of metal, they are rigid and unbending. they get caught in sleeves too tight and knits too loose. they are weighty little companions competing for breathing room. they boast of loud mouths and no patience for secret-keeping. they are my cowbell, the beacon of my whereabouts. for this, i am grateful. i know now that i won’t ever be lost because i have these chattering reminders of my life woven through friendships and places and eras. these are my age rings.


now, after some thought (and a little prompting), i’ve decided to make some bangles for you to make your own beat to. gift these to yourself for being so patient for spring to get sprung or just generally being a super trooper at life, or give them to a friend to let them know that they’ve got somethin’ special goin’ on. either way, these bracelets were made for living life and making noise.

sterling silver.
individually hand-hammered dots, oxidized and then buffed for a smooth, matte finish.
three in the set: one riddled with dots, one random dot pattern, and one with the occasional dot hiccup.

in the shop.

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i’m super excited to start off the show season with this event! it’s going to be chalk-full of all things delightful and inspiring. you won’t want to leave empty-handed!

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layer cake: vintage brass pressing and leather necklace.



IMG_7598 IMG_7261


just feast your eyes on this layered diamond of royal hues!

somehow this necklace manages to make a statement (as it is rather large) while maintaining an effortless appeal. it’s both modern and vintage. boldly feminine and unapologetic. i’ll take two.

beware: this piece carries a rich weight. but it provides so many tactile features your fingers won’t want to leave it alone! it’s a visual playground: four large silver rivets hold this vintage brass complexity over a nice thick cut of marooning leather, silhouetted by a waffling brass plate. a layer-cake of hues reminiscent of a victorian winged-back sofa covered in deep, crinkly velvet, festooned with pops of golden upholstery pins. not for the faint of heart.

vintage brass pressing, leather, raw brass, oxidized sterling silver.
available here.

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oh the stories we will tell…




i’ve made a few of these story charms necklaces in the past and recently i’ve been called back to them. this time i’ve added a few extra details: a nest that offers a little more company and a tree that changes with the seasons. small references for your bigger picture.

sterling silver, fine silver, brass.

available here.

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the barely there feather ring.







this is my first hand-carved piece. it’s a whisper of a feather, an imprint, fossilized and preserved. i imagined that this tiny tuft drifted downwards, gliding on the waves of wind only to land simply and softly on this pool of red. the way the light plays with the color and relief of the carving hasn’t ceased to keep my attention. i love it when small movements make shapes shift and colors flash. it’s the moment light meets the surface; and that surface just so happens to be perched on the top of a hand; and since hands are an ever-moving, musical thing—like feathers falling and light dancing—it makes this playground of textures ideal for satisfying the senses.

what are the musical moments you love to look at?

vintage bakelite, sterling silver.
size 7.5
one of a kind.
perfect for the daydreamer that gets lost in color.

in the shop.

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a portrait of three.



a portrait of three: cut through and riveted to a backing plaque for a landscape view. a quiet presence of striking simplicity. they are of tripps and triplets and threes and thirds. my favorite number. this ring can only bring good things.

sterling silver.
handmade from start to finish.
one of a kind.
size 7.25

available here.

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black art deco triangle necklace.


this piece is all about the clean lines of art deco design.

sterling silver, 1920’s czech glass, 14kt gold filled chain.

in the shop.

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well, it’s a brand new year. a fresh start, a clean slate. for this i am grateful for january. i try to remind myself every time i start to loathe the cold and bleak days that take over this time of year, that this is number one, the beginning, the first. take these darkened, slow days for what they are: they are days of isolation and meditation. no distractions of hectic holidays, or overgrown yards that need grooming, or beckoning beaches (at least in my neck of the woods). january is made for you to take care of you. to toss out what’s no longer needed, to tidy up those nooks that’ve been overlooked for months, and to reflect on what was and what will now be. it’s certainly not an easy month. blank canvases are a frightening thing. but isn’t it the best feeling when that first hint of color appears? or spotting those itty bitty tracks in the freshly fallen snow?

january welcomes you and so do i!

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