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this saturday!

well! it certainly isn’t everyday that you discover your work is featured on promotional material for a show that you’re participating in. it just about made my week! this will be my second year at this event and it’s a beautiful one. held right on the grounds of the historic Codman Estate in Lincoln, MA, […]

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the red petal memento collection.

i save things. and i’m almost certain you save things too. i’ll bet you’ve stashed away a few choice petals from the flowers you’ve been gifted over the years. for a job well done, a birthday, an anniversary, a thank you, or even an i’m sorry. it’s nice to keep a piece of something as […]

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the blue points necklace.

and here i am, in the new year, slowly emerging from my well-crafted hibernation mode. i’ve totally neglected this fine method of communication for far too long, but that’s how i roll i guess. i’m here one minute, gone for the next hundred. well, rest assured that i have been busy, making all the things […]

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revisiting the twirls.

i love these earrings. i do. so much so, that i decided to rephotograph them and post them here. my first post of the year, sadly. i know, i know, i’ve got some explaining to do. i do have some good reasons for the delay– but those reasons will be explained and explored later. for […]

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another guide arrived.

she’s a real beauty. vintage religious medal, oxidized sterling silver. one of a kind. in the shop.

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the asymmetrical V necklace.

this necklace design came to me one day and i’m not exactly sure how or why. i don’t remember what i was thinking about, i don’t remember what i was looking at, and i certainly don’t remember what i was dreaming of. i just know that creating this angled piece was happening and it was […]

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the linked migration bracelet.

i hear them first: feathers smacking air, a honk-call to their friends, a squeaky-creaky armpit joint working those wings like mad. i look up. there’s my squad, and right on time. they whiz past my head, glide in, and aim downward (much less graceful than the average, smaller bird, but that’s fine with me because […]

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my own horizon.

i’ve been wanting to make this version of my birds in flight series for a while now. a landscape format featuring a single bird flying into the horizon…or from it? the story is yours for the making. sterling silver. available here.

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it’s brilliant outside.

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flight earrings

i just love this shape—the softness of the curve is just the right complement for the angled arches of those darting little wings. an earring shape that doesn’t discriminate. go subtly but boldly, that’s what i say. here’s a little glimpse into the process: i cut each oblong shape by hand, texture them, and then […]

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