the post holiday hibernation and an interview.

the holidays came on full force and then simply evaporated before i even knew what was happening. i was left pooped but happy. luke and i hosted my family for christmas this year. it was the punctuation at the end of all my shows, online orders, and boutique re-ups. i’d say it was a pretty darn successful first go at it too. there were 12 of us when we were at full capacity. everyone had a place to sit and didn’t starve which was basically my goal. everything else would just have to be acceptable. oh, and the house had to look cute too. obviously.

but then i was left to deal with january. which i actually love and welcome with open arms because that’s when i get to sleep. and that’s pretty much what i did. i took some time off from social media and the studio (though i would put in a couple of hours here and there). i played catch-up on paper-work-type-stuff, cleaned house, and got my life back in order for another full year of beautiful things. it was during this tidying up of biz-life that i was approached by Robin. she’s a writer, editor, and hype-man to other creatives. i met her last year at a show in the berkshires and must have gotten under her skin because she asked me to do an interview for her blog. i think it does a good job at giving you a little glimpse into my life, process, and personality. i actually surprised myself with some of my answers. like they were lodged in the back of my brain and came rattling out when i hadn’t even noticed they were in there taking up space. it felt really good to revisit the young me and how i came to be where i am today. i hope you give it a read and then maybe ask yourself some of the questions that i was asked. it might dislodge some memories or renew inspirations of years past.

read the interview HERE.

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