the overlap series.














we all overlap.

in one way or another. sometimes it’s obvious and sometimes it isn’t. i’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. the overlapping of lives. call it the social or political climate these days or chalk it up to the very simple fact that i spend most of my days alone in my studio. my life doesn’t boast a lot of grand things, but one thing i do have, that actually is quite grand, is the time and space for thought. so while i’m cutting shapes out of silver, filing rough edges to become smooth, or forming bends in metal, i’m thinking. i’m always thinking. about her, about them, about him, about you. i think about inequalities, i think about justice, i think about despair and then hope. around and around i go, reflecting on everything minute and everything meta. well, not everything because my mind is not nearly refined enough to go to places that maybe only the buddha or jesus or a turtle can go. but you get the point.

there are so many different kinds of lives out there, doing different things, operating under different guides, and all existing in a shared world. it’s beautiful and terrifying and totally curious to me. we are informed by each other whether we like it or not. your job, your mother, your words, your deeds will impact someone’s life in some way. it’s like that 6 degrees of separation game. only not a game. this is such a powerful thing. i’m glad to be reminded of the kind of power we all possess and that we can use that power to make a life better, someone happier. that is beyond awesome.

so, back in the studio, i’m digesting all of these thoughts and find myself driven to illustrate exactly what i’ve come to visualize as lives overlapping. each piece a little different from the last. morphing, nestling, supporting, affecting. and i think they’re pretty darn interesting. rigid and fluid, organic and structural, they’re almost biological. a whole sympathetic to every part.

the necklace:

a single ribbon of metal has been manipulated into an imperfect oval, ends overlapping and anchored, each with one small rivet. three shapes are then formed: the top slice, the well below, and the piece as a whole. each part is necessary for the other to exist—relied upon, emphasized by, part of. this is the reality of this object. and the two pins holding it all together are simple and straight forward. reminding the ends that they are not a termination but a continuation of a path that travels always around and never back. a whole sympathetic to every part.

the hoop earrings:

two separate strips of brass have been shaped into organic arcs allowing one to nestle into the other while two silver pins keep these paralleling curves fixed. a semi-circle of silver is balled up at one end, threading through the brass and securing itself to the opposite end. now a swaying smile hangs from the silver ear wire, completing a closed form. three shapes emerge. this is a network of systems related and different and essential. a whole sympathetic to every part.

the line earrings:

a blunt piece of silver slightly overlaps a length of brass, creating a longer line. the two pieces are fastened to each other by twinning rivets of yellow, popping through the silver, prepping for the change in composition. this is a concentrated view of the overlap. a simultaneous look at what is separate and what is coexistence and the need for both in order to create a deeper, richer, more beautifully nuanced existence. a whole sympathetic to every part.

i have a feeling that this series will stick with me for a while. maybe it’ll evolve into something else. maybe this series is just one piece to a fuller catalog of sociology-inspired jewels. one thing is for certain: i’m forever affected by the existence of her, them, him and you.

sterling silver and raw brass.
a one of a kind series.
in the shop.

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