flight necklaces







it’s migration season once again and i’m smitten.

seeing those birds in flight always make me think, “alright, what’s next?” they almost seem to remind me to turn the page, hunker down, and prepare for the big chill. winter. not in a dreadful, nervous way, but in a reflective, ambitious way. this is when i start to develop my big plans, you see. how i’m going to use the hibernation season as my think-tank. so even though those birds seem to be fading into the background, they’re really just going to a place where they can do better work. and i REALLY like that idea. we’re all just getting ready to do some good work. so as i prepare for this next season of jam-packed jewel-making and big-idea goal-setting, i hope you too set some gears in action. go ahead, turn that page and prepare for great things!

wear it two ways: long at 34″ or wrapped around at about 16″

oxidized sterling silver, reversible
in the shop.

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