at some point one thing turns into another










it’s bound to happen, right?

you have an idea and it’s great, so you start to make it a reality. but in that process you have another idea, similar but not the same. maybe even better than the first or maybe it’s just the fact that it’s slightly different that makes you wonder. or let’s say you complete the first idea but it doesn’t leave your brain, it lingers because it’s actually not finished with you.

welcome to the brain of a creator. a blessing and a curse. you get it. never ending potential and curiosity…and then never enough time to make all the things in all the ways.

i’ve been wanting to post a little blurb about this series for months now. but something happened with my website and i just have no time for technology glitches so i moved on and listed these pieces in my shop. the website is cooperating once again so it seems only right to introduce these pieces in this space. so ya know, they don’t feel left out.

they emerged from my U-bone series. introducing movement and complexities to an otherwise simple and static design. this collection feels really right to me. it pushes the organic nature of the original shape into a morphing, moving gesture, making contact with the space that your body resides in. it echoes your angles leaving ripples long after your momentum ceases. the U shape is no longer symmetrically cupping space but rather asymmetrically pouring it out. with one end extending further than the other, it becomes curious, reaching, imperfect. and oh how liberating it is to make something imperfect! and i don’t mean the actual making of such piece. i’m all about the metaphor.

i think this series really promotes mind-wandering and free-association-ing. i love getting lost in this type of thing. i wonder what you think of when you see these pieces. if you could touch them, feeling the weight and then weightlessness of the rigid wire and slinking chains, watching them drift and sway. would they remind you of waterfalls or a fringed dress from the 20’s? a weeping eye or a weeping willow? or maybe it’s more of a feeling that they stir in you. something generous and open, or a light-hearted playfulness. whatever it is, i hope it’s curious. leading you on and on and on and on…

sterling silver, copper, chalcedony
available in the shop.

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