two more vintage clothespin necklaces.



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now i’m nostalgic. these little wooden objects tucked me into a time machine and whisked me not so far but away.

i’m thinking of summer. i’m thinking of sunshine and clean sheets. i’m thinking about the real “fresh scent”, you know what i mean? i’m thinking of working hands, stiff socks, and sweet-smelling grass. i’m thinking of ballets of color rippling in the wind. i’m thinking of my grandmother. i’m thinking of women and work and tradition. i’m thinking of time.

what do they make you think about?

i’ve made a couple of these necklaces in the past. and when they found homes, several people expressed interest in them. but since they’re not an especially common object, at least ones this small, i only make them as they present themselves to me in my treasure-hunting…and the mood has to strike just right.

one vintage clothespin, capped with silver, hangs gently from an oxidized sterling silver chain, lightly buffed to add variation in the links. a silver “lace” detail that i made with the pressed print of cloth offsets the chain for the sweetest little interruption. wear this in the back or off to the side.


another vintage clothespin, capped with silver, hangs gently from the lightest of lavender silk cord. a silver disc allows the silk to move freely adjusting to the length that suits you best.

sterling silver, wood, silk.
made by hand.
one of a kind.

available in the shop until they’re not.

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