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my little birds on a wire drawings have been around for awhile. since the beginning, really. and i’ve yet to get sick of them, though i know a day will come when their ship will sail off into the horizon of fully fleshed-out artworks. so until that day comes, i will continue to make these little pieces of personal history, memories, portraits, and whatever other idea they embody for you and for me. because i have more to say about them, and maybe you do too.

i decided to change up the format a bit for these little creatures. fixing them in an expanding world of horizons, rather than the contained and cradled space of the circular domed home that i first designed for them. i found that when you view something in the context of a landscape, it feels more rooted to the world that surrounds it. it resides in the great expanse of space that your eyes can’t fully absorb in one gaze, but you know it’s there and it’s never ending. i like that the horizontal shapes capture singular panels of vision, framing the quiet silhouettes of my little perching birds, like a movie still or a graphic novel story board. just one piece to a whole life of unknowns. and since these birds are based on family units, you know as well as i that that isn’t a fixed state, just a state of being at one time. there is loss and there is gain and there is always unknown. a totally terrifying thing but maybe also a little exciting. coming from one who doesn’t love to live on the edge, i admit there is a beauty to impermanence. so before i get ahead of myself i should just stop there. because this necklace is really just about simplicity, a fragment of a wider, broader, dazzling scope.

handmade from start to finish.
sterling silver

available in the shop.


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