guest instagramming: ok, i’ll try it.


my husband, luke, has always been my computer guy. my krang-brain of modern technologies. he helped me buy my first computer at the ripe age of 26. two years ago he talked me into getting an ipad. naturally, i didn’t want one, but finally conceded when he told me i could have sudoku and on it. he’s the one who made me have a website and then crafted this beautiful space that i can fill with whatever i please, just for me. (i still marvel over this.) seeing the benefit of social media, he encouraged me to have a blog and a facebook page, twitter account, and, finally, instagram. and thank goodness for all of his help because otherwise i’d be stuck in 1988. i don’t like computers or fancy technologies. i don’t have a mind for it and i certainly don’t have the patience, that is, until i met instagram.

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i’ve been a starer ever since i can remember, entranced by colors and textures, people and places, and this is exactly what instagram is about. i’m into it. i’m so into it, that now i’ve been asked to be the guest instagrammer over on the alchemy inititiative‘s instagram account. i’m pretty pumped about this, and so happy they asked me to participate. i’ll be posting over the next few days to help promote their holiday show that i’ll be a part of on December 5 and 6. i hope you check it out!

follow the activity at @alchemy413 on instagram!

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