the feather fletching series.



meet the feather fletching series, born of arrows and a little lack of direction.

i should start off by making a confession. i began this series because i was a little lost and a lot bit stuck. that’s the honest truth. i felt like i’d hit a wall and slid right down into a heap of muddled cartoon color (think wile e. coyote). i felt directionless and undisciplined and every idea that popped into my head was a bad one. i decided to just stop for a minute and think about my stagnant mess and what would draw me out of it. i started by asking myself really basic questions. what does movement look like? how do you make something change its course? what thing helps forward progress? i rolodex-ed through my visual dictionary and landed on arrows. and just to be clear, i’m talking about the aerodynamic kind of arrow, the one that you launch into the air with the goal of it landing in the red of your target.

after educating myself about the various parts of an arrow and their responsibilities, i learned about fletching—the deceptive flair at the base of an arrow, typically taking form as a series of feathers. feather fletching acts as the support system, the guide for the aim of your arrow. aim, of course, is always good to have. aim is like goal. but is not goal. now couple the archer’s aim with the fletching’s silent partnership and you’ve got something more true than before.

i immediately loved the idea of using this symbol as inspiration to get out of my rut and into the designing of an object that is based on this very thing. simplified even more it becomes only a reference point, suggesting movement while maintaining its home base. feather fletching will be my guide.

so here is an arrow, diluted and stripped down to simple action. because this is what we all need sometimes: guidance in movement. i’ve designed it to both represent and act as a reminder of motivation, progress, and ambition. at once the tip of what’s to come and the tail of what’s already in progress. i hope you’ll enjoy the little extra nudge in your mission to achieve great things, big and small. here’s to hitting your mark every time.

handmade by me from start to finish.
sterling silver.
available in the shop.





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