the blue points necklace.




and here i am, in the new year, slowly emerging from my well-crafted hibernation mode. i’ve totally neglected this fine method of communication for far too long, but that’s how i roll i guess. i’m here one minute, gone for the next hundred. well, rest assured that i have been busy, making all the things and dreaming up all the ideas. so many ideas. and i guess that’s why i’ve been MIA. so there, that’s a good reason. which brings me now to the blue points necklace.

the title of this piece is a bit funny to me because it’s really rather straight forward. the blue points necklace. of course!— i used blue stone points, caged in a pendant, for a necklace. but, for whatever reason, when i hear the words “blue points” together, it starts to sound like something else. not just an item, but an idea. a definition that includes things like blue prints and proven facts, or directions to follow, regulations, or a table of contents. and then i start to like this necklace even more because now i’m thinking of things that it isn’t, not in the least. or is it?

i slowly forged a long piece of brass, starting at the ends with heavy blows gradually lightening my strikes as i creep to the center. i then form this piece into a sort of key hole shape, drilling two holes at either end. after soldering two silver rings atop the curve (one fixed, one free), i riveted a piece of silver wire that runs through the 3 howlite points to the brass strap, making sure they swing freely and gracefully within the golden opening. it’s strung on a 33″ long gunmetal chain that shimmers when the light hits it just right, then finished off with a small silver disc with my maker’s mark, “ceg”. this is a slip-over-your-head kind of necklace, no clasp needed.

it’s good to be back!

sterling silver, raw brass, howlite, gunmetal chain

available here.


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