the asymmetrical V necklace.




this necklace design came to me one day and i’m not exactly sure how or why. i don’t remember what i was thinking about, i don’t remember what i was looking at, and i certainly don’t remember what i was dreaming of. i just know that creating this angled piece was happening and it was going to happen asymmetrically. i made it first in brass, then in silver. and then i proceeded to wear one or the other every day since.

the more i looked at it, the more i realized that this necklace is one of those pieces that changes shape and context based on who’s looking at it, what you wear it with, the mood you’re in. it’s part of a pattern or a piece of architecture, it’s math and design, it’s a tilting L, a checkmark, a chevron, a bird in flight. whatever it is, it’s clean and contemporary and definitely easy to wear.

sterling silver and raw brass.
available here.

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