flight earrings


IMG_8179 IMG_8185


i just love this shape—the softness of the curve is just the right complement for the angled arches of those darting little wings. an earring shape that doesn’t discriminate. go subtly but boldly, that’s what i say.

here’s a little glimpse into the process:

i cut each oblong shape by hand, texture them, and then hand-pierce each little bird all the way through the silver, allowing for flashes of light and dark to peek through the negative shape of the birds in flight. i then lightly oxidize the earrings, gently buffing the surface to give them an atmospheric look. these suckers move beautifully with just the right amount of sway, picking up the light and swiftly swinging back into dark. i’d consider them an everyday kind of earring—get that extra bang outta your buckaroo!

oxidized sterling silver.
one of a kind (those birds move too fast to make another pair exactly the same!)

in the shop.

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