the spotted leaf necklace.


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i pick up all kinds of things when i’m out on my strolls. most of the time they’re pretty ordinary objects: feathers, insect wings, tree bark, a rusted nail (i saved a tire!), and the occasional decaying leaf. i bring them home, show my husband (he laughs) and then carefully arrange the object in my studio. whether or not i use it as direct inspiration for a project is moot. i don’t think about that. i just like to surround myself with stuff, both beautiful and ugly; i like objects that boast of a life that was lived. sometimes it’s the things on their way out that are the most interesting—the moment right before they turn to dust or hit the trash can. and sometimes they end up disintegrating on my shelf, but at least i had the satisfaction of watching it happen, like it was freeze-framed step-by-step before the end. i like to think about these things. i like to be completely conscious of singular moments. i stop the world from moving for one instant to really look at a thing before i look away, because once you do, that moment is over and the world is moving once again. a new critter is being hatched and the stranded feather is blowing away. in my mind it feels like simple honoring. i’m acknowledging something for existing, for being one piece to a whole, for having a purpose. i like to thank these objects for their service and warm in the memory of a job well done.

and so this spotted leaf i found a few months ago became an idea. the polka dotted debris transitioned into a brailled frond. i hope that this bespeckled leaf in all its immortalized bronzy glory does my freckled friend justice. a little bump and no crunch, i’d say it sways much like the original.

one forged leaf: hammered, pocked, cupped and curled. it cradles little random silver dots, each one hand-riveted to the rustic leaf form. one of my silver bone bar straps is fastened to the base of the frond by a slightly larger silver rivet, linking it to the hand-oxidized sterling silver chain.

this is a necklace made to hang low in hopes that it finds your hands long enough to stop time and remember.

sterling silver, raw brass.
a limited edition, one of a kind series.

in the shop.

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