dot bangles: set of three.



i wear my bangles everyday. they are my tattoo, my trademark, my talismans. i wear them as reminders of friendships, of me in various stages of life, and of the highs and lows of time—some meaningful and some beautifully ordinary. i’ve treated myself to a select few, but most have been given to me by friends (both past and present), family members, teachers, and now the children of friends who want to take part in a tradition that started when i was their age. of course, those bracelets were the kind made of embroidery flosses colored by the rainbow and as garish as we could make them—only we thought them gorgeous—each one fading, then wearing away and slipping off one by one. but these metal bangles i now wear are more permanent, a concept that becomes more prevalent in the minds of adults. or should i say, impermanence? how funny is that? kids that view most things as permanent or at least declare feelings of dramatic foreverness make a thing that is meant to fall off, which then holds much more meaning: “if the bracelet falls off, then we’re gonna be friends forever.” meanwhile, we wise and all-knowing adults have a more pessimistic attitude of “nothing lasts forever” and make things with the intention of it lasting forever. but maybe we both just get it half right—it’s the idea behind the object that makes it so magical, and if our intention is to make something built to last then we can feel solid about the effort. well, in any case, i proudly wear these ghosts of time, friendships and memories and i don’t ever want them to fall off.


i love each and every one. i love the way they clink together and clamber for space. i love the metallic jingle-jangle music they make, never letting me (or anyone i’m near) forget their presence. for though they are smooth rings of metal, they are rigid and unbending. they get caught in sleeves too tight and knits too loose. they are weighty little companions competing for breathing room. they boast of loud mouths and no patience for secret-keeping. they are my cowbell, the beacon of my whereabouts. for this, i am grateful. i know now that i won’t ever be lost because i have these chattering reminders of my life woven through friendships and places and eras. these are my age rings.


now, after some thought (and a little prompting), i’ve decided to make some bangles for you to make your own beat to. gift these to yourself for being so patient for spring to get sprung or just generally being a super trooper at life, or give them to a friend to let them know that they’ve got somethin’ special goin’ on. either way, these bracelets were made for living life and making noise.

sterling silver.
individually hand-hammered dots, oxidized and then buffed for a smooth, matte finish.
three in the set: one riddled with dots, one random dot pattern, and one with the occasional dot hiccup.

in the shop.

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