layer cake: vintage brass pressing and leather necklace.



IMG_7598 IMG_7261


just feast your eyes on this layered diamond of royal hues!

somehow this necklace manages to make a statement (as it is rather large) while maintaining an effortless appeal. it’s both modern and vintage. boldly feminine and unapologetic. i’ll take two.

beware: this piece carries a rich weight. but it provides so many tactile features your fingers won’t want to leave it alone! it’s a visual playground: four large silver rivets hold this vintage brass complexity over a nice thick cut of marooning leather, silhouetted by a waffling brass plate. a layer-cake of hues reminiscent of a victorian winged-back sofa covered in deep, crinkly velvet, festooned with pops of golden upholstery pins. not for the faint of heart.

vintage brass pressing, leather, raw brass, oxidized sterling silver.
available here.

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