the barely there feather ring.







this is my first hand-carved piece. it’s a whisper of a feather, an imprint, fossilized and preserved. i imagined that this tiny tuft drifted downwards, gliding on the waves of wind only to land simply and softly on this pool of red. the way the light plays with the color and relief of the carving hasn’t ceased to keep my attention. i love it when small movements make shapes shift and colors flash. it’s the moment light meets the surface; and that surface just so happens to be perched on the top of a hand; and since hands are an ever-moving, musical thing—like feathers falling and light dancing—it makes this playground of textures ideal for satisfying the senses.

what are the musical moments you love to look at?

vintage bakelite, sterling silver.
size 7.5
one of a kind.
perfect for the daydreamer that gets lost in color.

in the shop.

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