well, it’s a brand new year. a fresh start, a clean slate. for this i am grateful for january. i try to remind myself every time i start to loathe the cold and bleak days that take over this time of year, that this is number one, the beginning, the first. take these darkened, slow days for what they are: they are days of isolation and meditation. no distractions of hectic holidays, or overgrown yards that need grooming, or beckoning beaches (at least in my neck of the woods). january is made for you to take care of you. to toss out what’s no longer needed, to tidy up those nooks that’ve been overlooked for months, and to reflect on what was and what will now be. it’s certainly not an easy month. blank canvases are a frightening thing. but isn’t it the best feeling when that first hint of color appears? or spotting those itty bitty tracks in the freshly fallen snow?

january welcomes you and so do i!

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