crossed arrows necklace.





directions have never been my forte. i have no sense for it, really. that thing in your ear that keeps you standing upright and not vertigo-ed out of your mind—the vestibular system, apparently—yeah, i have that. but not the direction-sensing part.

when i was learning to drive my dad always emphasized the importance of going slow. especially when you didn’t know where you were going. this way you had time to react, time to judge. time. this made sense to me. naturally, as i do almost everything slowly, meticulously, to-the-minutest-minute. and then, miraculously i manage to get from point a to point b while counting the ways of things that have nothing to do with the journey at large—i’m taking notes, absorbing time. give me an arrow and i’m back on track.

two crossed arrows sit atop a powder blue dome that was once the face of a button. flip it over and the tiniest of tiny, hand cut arrows circle each other. rotate the darkened links leading to the small, triangular point so that it rests in the back, the side, or front—whichever direction you find yourself headed.

sterling silver, vintage button.
in the shop.

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