vintage clothespin necklace.


simple objects are my simple pleasures.

it turns out that the smallest clothespin i have ever seen was designed with a purpose. and i don’t just mean to hang laundry. it was meant for a specific type of clothing. more specifically, lingerie. i was told that women would pack these little guys up for their travels along with a tiny reel of string so that they could hang up their unmentionables when undergarment management needed managing.

this is the sort of thing that gets me–practical, thoughtful, other-worldly, or just old-timey. not to mention, i really like doing laundry. honest.

a vintage clothespin, capped with silver, hangs gently from the lightest of lavender silk cord. a silver plaque allows the silk to move freely adjusting to the length that suits you best.

vintage clothespin, sterling silver, silk.

available in the shop.

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