the beginning…




i’ve been forging bones and shaping dreams.

sometimes i let my hands do the talking. i sit at my bench and wait for my fingers to establish the pulse of imagination. a beat of hammers, a pattern of shapes, a flow of thought. and when i reawaken to the sight of surrender’s face, i see tangible dreams of form and light, body and soul. this is the beginning of simple magic.

this U is intended to sit in your suprasternal notch where the meet-and-greet of clavicles commences, dipping in and out of this curved U of you. it’s such a satisfying sight: a whisper of a compartment for such things as this upside down arc of instinct and urge, reaction and reflex.

to make a thing designed to interact with the body, inspired by my own cage of movements and muscle memory, is a bit new to me. but i did recognize it. it’s the beginning of a new series. it is pure and primal and, simply put, built by the hand.

hand forged and formed, darkened, lightened, faded, and transitioned.
sterling silver.
available in the shop.

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