turning new corners.


i’ve been holding onto these old framing corners for some time now. recently, i pulled them out of a makeshift wooden tool box that i converted into a sorting station of random odds and ends, vowing to give them new life. i’m turning this corner and making it new.




each corner somehow looked different than the last, but only minutely. i took a slight turn with every angle adding only subtle differing details. the four of them took shape to make a whole but when divided became pieces unto themselves. each is seated on a unique pillow of recycled leather: one the color my coffee takes on when i add a little too much cream; one a hefty hunk of black; another a thinner, slicker black like the remains of a freshly burned wood-pile; and the last a sort of chestnutty brown that transitions to burgundy when the light beams its way just right. all are anchored to a bed of brass with four silver rivets and an echoing silhouette. long or short—i couldn’t decide which. so i made them with varying lengths: a long stretch of roadway lines, a shorter, bone-bar circle-joint pattern, and straight-forward links of chain.

i’ve never made a varying series based on one common object before, especially when that object plays a part in a bigger picture and is a crucial element to finalizing that singular image. each is not greater or lesser than its counterparts. each is equal to and a part of a whole.


now that these four corner necklaces are finished, i’ve become all the more fascinated with just which four corners of the world they will see, and what four people will end up with them. a simple connection will tie these folks together. one that started as a framework for a single image will now link a foursome of unknown lives. painting their own portraits and creating their own corners. i can only imagine what this bigger picture will look like.

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