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i can’t help but smile every time i look at this necklace. i’ve had it laid out on a little, wooden, checkered table that has become a holding area of sorts for some of my finished pieces—work that i’m not yet ready to bundle up and set aside while they await their future homes. these are the pieces that are my cheerleaders, inspiring joy and creativity and a bit of wildness in my hands. so i keep this brassy bow out in plain sight just so it can snag my attention and trigger the grin that awaits the next ah-ha moment. my best foot steps forward with this bow on the brain. for only good things come with bows.

a ribbon of brass loops twice and knots once creating smiling folds of satin. held in place by 4 silver prongs, this bow is fitted to the likeness of an abstracted self.

oxidized sterling silver, vintage brass bow pressing.
available in the shop.

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