meet rascal, my latest distraction.

this is rascal.
i met him a few weeks ago after being notified by a neighbor that he was hanging out on my chipping-blue-paint, seen-better-days, old chair on my front stoop. and since one never knows just how “healthy” the neighborhood raccoon can be i was a little nervous about his front door solicitations. so i waited until luke got home for a better look at the little guy. naturally, luke wanted to play with him as if he were a long lost pet. ok, maybe i did too. after watching luke play “tap your paws on the window pane” and laughing hysterically for a while i decided that their “game” should probably wrap up so he could go back home. he was just a little fellow and it seemed he was out past curfew (or before, not sure how the whole nocturnal bit works with the young-uns). so we went on with our evening, or so i tried. but really, it’s just impossible for me to simply forget that there is a wild, cute, little creature (with a name that i declared within moments of first meeting) lurking about my front yard. i guess we’ll just have to chalk this one up as another ritual to my everyday existence.

since that first meeting i’ve repeatedly checked my old blue chair for his company. but alas, that chair is always empty. and now i play a game on my brief walks down the road. it’s called “where does rascal reside?” i haven’t quite figured it out yet but i know he’s out there…probably eating bits from our compost bin and watching me peer out the window obsessively trying to locate him. at least i hope so…

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