a little hawthorn and a new year.

this is my new little teacup. his name is hawthorn. named after the sweetly depicted blossoms decorating this petite cup. hawthorn is a native british tree with creamy white and sometimes pink flowers eventually giving way to clusters of little round berries (good for jams and jellies and remedies alike). it is said that when the blooms begin it marks the end of spring and the start of summer. the May queen would wear them in her hair for luck (as the blossoms were thought to be very lucky). but just as this plant is known for good fortune, it is also said that one should never bring them indoors for fear of a luck that may run out.

my little hawthorn was hand-picked just for me because of this treasure of a tree and the very nature of this cup; all light and bright and thin-rimmed and rosy. given to me by my mother-in-law who knows a thing or two (or a million) about plant-healing powers and gifts that beckon to be bought from the tea house shelving to the catalogs with pocketed flannel nightgowns (i’ll save that for another time). it seemed right that my british hawthorn is good for circulation, digestion and coincidentally is also a symbol of hope. yes, yes indeed, this cup is perfect. i can already feel the blood rush to my toes to warm them, my tummy has turned right side up and begun to calm at the very sight of those little ruby fruits and my heart has steadied in the light of those alabaster blooms.

so this is a new year. a new teacup to wake up with each morning. a hawthorn to start the day and another year seems mighty lucky indeed. here’s to a new start and refreshed spirits! welcome!

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