the working bandit.

i wear this bandana as a protective measure against all the little dust particles that like to fly through the air and orbit my head. i’ve been wearing it a lot this holiday season as it seems there is so much work to be done!

i’ve become a bandit overnight. with workaholic blood coursing through my veins and fingers that move faster than a bird rooting for worms. my bench is my stealthy steed carrying all the loot i can feast my eyes on. i’m a bit unstoppable.

i’ve been putting in long hours during these ever-shortening days of daylight. which means that my appearance and general disposition have become something out of a david lynch movie. i look a little bit like pigpen from charlie brown (minus the cloud of dirt) and a lot like someone who needs to come back to earth. i like to put on bright and cheery and a bit crazed color combinations to get my mind right for work and maybe a little wrong for the outside world. but these are the things that get my motor running. well, that and copious amounts of coffee.

and to top it all off, last night i made the prettiest butternut squash soup fully equipped with toasted walnuts, crumbly gorgonzola cheese, and some brightly green sliced apple. who am i?!

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