salvaged circuit earrings.

i’ve been working on a new studio space for a year now. it’s been a collaborative effort (forced family members to participate) that has been both memorable and, well, memorable. a custom row of lights (courtesy of my dad) now line the ceilings so that i can see the tiniest of details. the space illuminates like a lantern at night. you should see it- two grinning gridded window eyes all bright and shining. it’s such a sight! i can only imagine what the folks think as they drive past: “someone’s working in there, a maker is making, and i bet it smells of wood and work and homemade things.” this is of course what i hope for. it was my papa’s workshop when i was little. it smelled of all the things i have grown to love. but i’ll save that story for another day.

my dad (the son of previously mentioned grandfather) is a lot like him: stubborn, hard-working, crusty on the outside, soft on the inside, and hugely resourceful. and this tradition of resourcefulness acts as a guiding principle in my life and in my work. ever since i started making jewelry he and my mom have been my biggest supporters and they both are pros at finding me the neatest bits and bobs on their adventures. so, of course, while my dad was wiring the shop he decided to keep all of the old wiring (which my grandfather had originally put up) because he had a feeling his daughter just might be able to use the salvaged copper electrical wire. brilliant! he presented me with coils of it still wrapped in the reds and blues and whites of positives, negatives and neutrals. of course these “coils” looked more like angry birds nests but it didn’t matter. i was thrilled to be able to use something that created light, put in place by my papa and salvaged by my dad. and each round of wire brought another idea. a pearl of light. an outlet of energy.

moving rounds of copper wire wisdom: formed, forged, soldered, oxidized to a deeply rich scale of pinks and mauves and blacks and back, and then forged again. sporadic pearls of fine silver, melted, soldered, filed and sanded, taking turns of glow from the circuit they ride.

available here.

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