these days i don’t want to wear any other necklace than this one.

deer shed their antlers every year. can you imagine? can you imagine growing something for months only to discard it as if that time has passed and now a reinvented you can meet the world, every single year? i think that’s just about the coolest thing i’ve ever heard. if only we could be that resilient. if only change wasn’t so darn frightening. but, maybe it’s worth a try.

i had no plan when i started this necklace. all i could do was think about that big deer with the newly formed rack that visits my back field every-so-often. his pointy points and his watchful eyes. i had actually never seen a deer with antlers until a few months ago. and now i might be a little obsessed. he’s got a crew with him: some ladies, a few young-uns and maybe even the humongous wild turkey clan can’t help but track his journey. i want to track his journey; i want to track mine.

it’s like watching birds gather twigs for nests. if we could just fly into ourselves and pick out our best pieces linking them together creating a grand self. and each year refreshing those parts with the newly formed experiences of the year past, keeping in mind the bigger picture. i’d wear that journey and know just how i got there.

asymmetrical design.
sterling silver, antler tip, antique religious medal, raw brass.
one of a kind.
this one hangs over your heart.

available here

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