lonely laundry time.

laundry friendlaundry friend
so i’m starting to miss my laundry buddy…

let me first explain. earlier in the summer i noticed, as i climbed the steps up through the bulk-head doors of my 300-year-old cellar, a small little spongey friend at the very top step. it was almost as if he were waiting for me, ready to help me hang my newly washed clothes on the clothesline outside. of course, he never did. he would, however, pace back and forth appearing somewhat impatient. i never once touched him or tried to scoop him up to move him outside. instead i imagined what kind of life he led in the cellar while i led my life one level above. i liked that he was with me when i did my laundry duties and i started to count on seeing him there with every wash. i’m not sure why but i always looked at him closely to see if he looked any different. i never named him which is rare considering i name just about every creature i come into contact with here in the country. instead i just called him buddy. and now i never see him anymore. now that it’s cold. i wonder where he went. i thought about googling possible scenarios of where he might have gone (and maybe what he might be up to), but i decided he would like the added mystery. (he did just appear one morning out of nowhere.) instead i’m just going to miss him and hope to see him next summer when i wash my winter clothes before i retire them once again.

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