for the love of raw brass

3 brass domes
there’s just something about raw brass. i was never a fan of gold or golden colored things (which is odd since that is my namesake), until now. since working with my mentor who pretty much worked with gold exclusively, i slowly developed a taste for it. my eyes were opened and i discovered brass. i thought i should share just a hint of what makes this metal so cool.

historically, brass was the metal of choice because of its malleability and acoustical properties. useful in making various musical instruments as well as low friction applications such as gears and zippers. brass is an alloy made out of copper and zinc and can have varying degrees of softness based on the proportions of the two metals, thus making it pretty versatile. it serves decorative as well as functional purposes. i love a metal that works hard and looks good at the same time.
i hope, like me, you never look at brass the same way again.

now there’s a golden backdrop for my little ones: a soft, warm version that compliments my silver series and just in time for spring. enjoy!

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