the red petal memento collection.


i save things. and i’m almost certain you save things too.

i’ll bet you’ve stashed away a few choice petals from the flowers you’ve been gifted over the years. for a job well done, a birthday, an anniversary, a thank you, or even an i’m sorry. it’s nice to keep a piece of something as fleeting as a flower to remind you of something that has lasting power. so i’ve decided to honor those kept pieces of once living things and carve up something a little bit more permanent. the icing on the cake? i’ve used a vintage piece of bakelite, aged roughly 75 years to make these gems for you!

sterling silver, vintage bakelite.
handmade from start to finish.
one of a kind.
in the shop until they’re not.


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the blue points necklace.




and here i am, in the new year, slowly emerging from my well-crafted hibernation mode. i’ve totally neglected this fine method of communication for far too long, but that’s how i roll i guess. i’m here one minute, gone for the next hundred. well, rest assured that i have been busy, making all the things and dreaming up all the ideas. so many ideas. and i guess that’s why i’ve been MIA. so there, that’s a good reason. which brings me now to the blue points necklace.

the title of this piece is a bit funny to me because it’s really rather straight forward. the blue points necklace. of course!— i used blue stone points, caged in a pendant, for a necklace. but, for whatever reason, when i hear the words “blue points” together, it starts to sound like something else. not just an item, but an idea. a definition that includes things like blue prints and proven facts, or directions to follow, regulations, or a table of contents. and then i start to like this necklace even more because now i’m thinking of things that it isn’t, not in the least. or is it?

i slowly forged a long piece of brass, starting at the ends with heavy blows gradually lightening my strikes as i creep to the center. i then form this piece into a sort of key hole shape, drilling two holes at either end. after soldering two silver rings atop the curve (one fixed, one free), i riveted a piece of silver wire that runs through the 3 howlite points to the brass strap, making sure they swing freely and gracefully within the golden opening. it’s strung on a 33″ long gunmetal chain that shimmers when the light hits it just right, then finished off with a small silver disc with my maker’s mark, “ceg”. this is a slip-over-your-head kind of necklace, no clasp needed.

it’s good to be back!

sterling silver, raw brass, howlite, gunmetal chain

available here.


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revisiting the twirls.


i love these earrings. i do. so much so, that i decided to rephotograph them and post them here. my first post of the year, sadly. i know, i know, i’ve got some explaining to do. i do have some good reasons for the delay– but those reasons will be explained and explored later. for now, just look at these translucent beauties!

side note: i think new england could use a pop of color right about now.

sterling silver, vintage plastic.
limited edition.

available here.


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another guide arrived.


IMG_8526 IMG_8527


she’s a real beauty.

vintage religious medal, oxidized sterling silver.
one of a kind.
in the shop.

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the asymmetrical V necklace.




this necklace design came to me one day and i’m not exactly sure how or why. i don’t remember what i was thinking about, i don’t remember what i was looking at, and i certainly don’t remember what i was dreaming of. i just know that creating this angled piece was happening and it was going to happen asymmetrically. i made it first in brass, then in silver. and then i proceeded to wear one or the other every day since.

the more i looked at it, the more i realized that this necklace is one of those pieces that changes shape and context based on who’s looking at it, what you wear it with, the mood you’re in. it’s part of a pattern or a piece of architecture, it’s math and design, it’s a tilting L, a checkmark, a chevron, a bird in flight. whatever it is, it’s clean and contemporary and definitely easy to wear.

sterling silver and raw brass.
available here.

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the linked migration bracelet.




i hear them first: feathers smacking air, a honk-call to their friends, a squeaky-creaky armpit joint working those wings like mad. i look up. there’s my squad, and right on time. they whiz past my head, glide in, and aim downward (much less graceful than the average, smaller bird, but that’s fine with me because these guys are big!). the flapping starts to get a sort of organized hectic, and then (my favorite part) a grand skidding splash into the pit-stop pond that is my front yard. i get to watch this every season and every season it feels like i’m witnessing it for the first time.

these winged creatures hang out for a spell, picking up other geese as the day progresses and gearing up for the next leg of their journey. i watch them for a while. i imagine they’re trading stories, talking about routes to take, where to stop for the best snacks, weather predictions, new battle wounds, holiday plans, you know, normal stuff. they’re funny. they remind me of my grandfather. not just because he fed them every year (perhaps with a knowing grin while my grandmother scowled at their “deliveries” on her beautifully manicured grounds and then chided him for encouraging them). of course this does come to mind, but there’s also the part about the bird itself. a goose isn’t perfect like a swan, or wise-looking like an owl, it’s not synonymous with the ocean like a seagull, or sweet and spry like a bluebird. they are hearty and strong but certainly not refined. with a subtle, comedic flair, they do like to raise a raucous. they are movers. they are formation and order. they are the changing of seasons.

i might be a little goofy (as my grandfather loved to put it) for watching them so earnestly. but that’s ok. because being goofy can be a good thing. and besides, maybe these geese are actually just talking to each other about the tall, gangly girl they see every year, standing as still as a stone, never making a peep, and watching so intensely they thought lasers were going to shoot out of her eyes. either way, i’d say it’s nice to acknowledge the simple signals of change.

5 domed silver circles are joined by two sets of links allowing the metal to organically drape over your wrist, slightly shifting as your day progresses. from two to four to six and back again, these birds are on the move and so are you.

sterling silver. one of a kind. available here.


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my own horizon.



i’ve been wanting to make this version of my birds in flight series for a while now. a landscape format featuring a single bird flying into the horizon…or from it? the story is yours for the making.

sterling silver.

available here.

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it’s brilliant outside.


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flight earrings


IMG_8179 IMG_8185


i just love this shape—the softness of the curve is just the right complement for the angled arches of those darting little wings. an earring shape that doesn’t discriminate. go subtly but boldly, that’s what i say.

here’s a little glimpse into the process:

i cut each oblong shape by hand, texture them, and then hand-pierce each little bird all the way through the silver, allowing for flashes of light and dark to peek through the negative shape of the birds in flight. i then lightly oxidize the earrings, gently buffing the surface to give them an atmospheric look. these suckers move beautifully with just the right amount of sway, picking up the light and swiftly swinging back into dark. i’d consider them an everyday kind of earring—get that extra bang outta your buckaroo!

oxidized sterling silver.
one of a kind (those birds move too fast to make another pair exactly the same!)

in the shop.

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the spotted leaf necklace.


IMG_7782 IMG_7858




i pick up all kinds of things when i’m out on my strolls. most of the time they’re pretty ordinary objects: feathers, insect wings, tree bark, a rusted nail (i saved a tire!), and the occasional decaying leaf. i bring them home, show my husband (he laughs) and then carefully arrange the object in my studio. whether or not i use it as direct inspiration for a project is moot. i don’t think about that. i just like to surround myself with stuff, both beautiful and ugly; i like objects that boast of a life that was lived. sometimes it’s the things on their way out that are the most interesting—the moment right before they turn to dust or hit the trash can. and sometimes they end up disintegrating on my shelf, but at least i had the satisfaction of watching it happen, like it was freeze-framed step-by-step before the end. i like to think about these things. i like to be completely conscious of singular moments. i stop the world from moving for one instant to really look at a thing before i look away, because once you do, that moment is over and the world is moving once again. a new critter is being hatched and the stranded feather is blowing away. in my mind it feels like simple honoring. i’m acknowledging something for existing, for being one piece to a whole, for having a purpose. i like to thank these objects for their service and warm in the memory of a job well done.

and so this spotted leaf i found a few months ago became an idea. the polka dotted debris transitioned into a brailled frond. i hope that this bespeckled leaf in all its immortalized bronzy glory does my freckled friend justice. a little bump and no crunch, i’d say it sways much like the original.

one forged leaf: hammered, pocked, cupped and curled. it cradles little random silver dots, each one hand-riveted to the rustic leaf form. one of my silver bone bar straps is fastened to the base of the frond by a slightly larger silver rivet, linking it to the hand-oxidized sterling silver chain.

this is a necklace made to hang low in hopes that it finds your hands long enough to stop time and remember.

sterling silver, raw brass.
a limited edition, one of a kind series.

in the shop.

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