distraction of the week(s): the olympics.

i just can't get enough of the olympics. water polo, volleyball, high jumps, fencing, swimming--it doesn't matter what it is, i'll take it all. i get so pumped and emotional and crazed with excitement. it's made me look at my old, mud-caked high school running sneakers (yes, these guys are old and yes, i am insanely resourceful) a little bit differently. of course, now they're my "pond sneakers", used only for work in the pond or other intense yard maintenance. so...should i start running? or maybe join a gym to swim? i've never been one to work out. i don't think i was designed to do it. now, give me sports or physical labor and i'm all about it. (i inherited this trait from my father--thanks dad.) see what the olympics is doing to me!? i better start waking up earlier.
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